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Air Pressure


Is this You?


Life can feel like this. You’re stuck, you don’t know what to do with your life. But as we get older and our parents age, we realize that time is slipping away and we still have no idea what to do with it.


Your thoughts and feelings are your own, but I get it if you feel in the dark. Sometimes I feel like a fraud and that everything is too much. My friends have all gotten things going while I seem to be stuck. We don't feel as anxious or depressed, but our racing thoughts will take over from time to time, too.


I want to know where I'm going in life. Right now, it feels like there is no purpose for me. I'm not able to get anywhere in relationships, my friendships are failing and I don't have any goals set for myself. Am I even doing something wrong? Everyone says it gets better but why can't I get out of my slump?

Therapist, Hollister, Counselor, Gilroy

I'm Josh Ramirez, and
I want to help you.

Every person on this planet has had an experience that made them feel like they were stuck in a rut, had hit a dead end, or just didn't know how to move forward. I've been there and I know how it can feel. My career is dedicated to helping people get out of an unhappy places in their lives.

In this webinar we will cover

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Psychotherapy, individual

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