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Welcome Friends!

Hey Friends,

I wanted to personally welcome everyone that is visiting. I'm really hoping that over time I can help you through some the education I've learned as well as the wisdom I've gleaned from working with people from different walks of life.

It truly is my heart to help others. I hope that is displayed here through my writing. I do love research based tools and tips! So hopefully as you continue your journey in improving yourself, these tools can make it easier.


Another future endeavor is to eventually create more community. It is extremely difficult to create that meaningful change when it's you against the world. Although that may not be true, it definitely can feel that way when we are disconnected from family, friends, and partners. As my practice grows, I am hoping to provide a way for our community to connect and provide support for one another.

Reach out!

If life has been a struggle, feel to reach out and drop me a line. If I am unable to help you, perhaps I can send another your way or provide some resources.


-Joshua Ramirez

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